Genius® RF Microneedling & Skin Tightening in Fayetteville, AR

The new intelligent way to a skin tightening procedure
Microneedling has been used for centuries to help people tighten skin and erase acne scars and wrinkles in the most subtle and very natural way. Microneedling with Radio frequency is a whole another upgrade for your skin tightening needs.

Genius® RF Skin Tightening combines the benefits of microneedling with radiofrequency energy to treat the deepest layers of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin to tighten skin, improve skin texture, and soften wrinkles. Genius® RF Skin Tightening uses ultrafine needles to penetrate the skin’s surface to create controlled micro-wounds. Radiofrequency heat follows these channels to stimulate the deepest layers of the skin precisely and consistently. Unlike other ablative treatments that compromise the outermost layers of the skin, Genius® RF leaves the epidermis intact for faster healing and can be repeated every four to six weeks for optimal results. Treatments are customized for age, skin type, sun exposure, area of the body, tissue thickness, and depth.

Genius RF Skin Tightening is an FDA cleared treatment for deep facial wrinkles & rhytids.
It can also benefit the following common skin concerns:

  • Neck bands
  • Sagging skin
  • Acne pitting and other scars
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Enlarged pores
  • Stretch marks

What makes the Genius uniquely customizable is a feature called “Intelligent RF Delivery” that fine tunes the customizations in real time. Resolving the challenges of skin type, skin thickness, age considerations and varying levels of tissue resistance to energy delivery caused by varying skin density can be technologically difficult. With the Genius system, all the variables have been addressed and overcome.

How Genius Increases Volumization in the Skin

Whether from aging or scarring, the loss of tissue volume is what calls attention to wrinkles or skin defects. By stimulating an increase in collagen and the processes of new collagen creation, skin becomes smoother as well as healthier-looking.

How to prepare for Genius RF Microneedling

Come in wearing loose and comfortable clothes. Please remove any makeup and jewelry in the area to be treated. Numbing cream and/ or injection might be performed to the are to be treated to ensure your comfort.

It is best to avoid taking multivitamins, alcohol and any aspirin or NSAID’s 3-7 days before your procedure.

What things to avoid before getting Genius RF Microneedling treatment?
Microneedles are still tiny needles. To decrease any chance of potential side effects it is best to avoid alcohol intake 3-7 days before your procedure. Stop taking or avoid taking Fish oil, multivitamins or dietary supplements 3-7 days prior to the procedure.

Stop or avoid taking any NSAIDS like Motrin, Aleve, Advil or Aspirin to minimize chance of bruising.

Why Genius is Different & Better

Earlier devices using radio frequency energy were programmed on unchanging settings with manually-required adjustments.

Although this programming delivered good results, the elevation to “real time” energy monitoring and adjustment makes the system customize itself to YOUR skin’s thickness and energy resistance on every pulse.

That means you’ll not be over-treated or under-treated for the goal of the treatment.

  • No guess work – your provider gets instant feedback with every single pulse
  • 1,000’s of clinical tests provide optimized protocols for each skin type and age
  • Enhanced precision and comfort
  • Low downtime and spaced treatment sessions
  • Only system to measure delivered energy

Who is a Genius Candidate?

The uniqueness of radio frequency is that it is safe for all skin types and tones. Where laser may not be a best option for skin with darker tones, RF treatments bypass most of the impact of unwanted pigment reactions that skin with high pigment levels can experience. That means the Genius is an excellent match for all skin types, colors and genetic backgrounds, including Asian, Middle Eastern, African American and Hispanic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can GENIUS RF Microneedling Do?

Treatments can be performed ALL YEAR LONG, and will cause a new production of collagen and elastin which in turn improves scars, skin texture, wrinkles and reduces laxity in these areas:

  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Neck & Chest
  • Arms
  • Elbows
  • Underarms
  • Abdomen
  • Under butt
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Body areas with lax skin

Genius’s “real time” energy monitoring and adjustment makes the system customize itself to YOUR skin’s thickness and energy resistance on every pulse. That means you’ll not be over-treated or under-treated for the goal of the treatment.

How Does RF Microneedling Work?

Genius works by delivering radio-frequency energy through gold-plated needles, stimulating your own body’s collagen and elastin production. By providing “real-time” feedback, the energy delivered is precise for each patient, each treatment and each pass with the microneedles.

The tiny microneedles “injure” the skin. This is purposeful and is the basis of how microneedling works, no matter what device is used. These tiny microneedles penetrate at 3 different levels with the Genius. At the same time, RF energy heats the tissue to a level that causes new collagen production.

Important to note: The RF energy is delivered in tissue that’s under the top layers, so the upper layers of skin that might otherwise respond with bounceback pigment are spared from the heat. (This is a crucial difference between laser and RF and why darker skin types are more at risk from laser which affects all the layers.)

Is Treatment with the Genius System Painful?

There literally is no truly pain-free or discomfort-free procedure that’s effective for inducing the body to create new collagen. You’ll receive topical numbing which works very well. And we use a cold skin roller to help take away the heat sensation.

What Should I Expect After the Procedure?

Expect mild redness and swelling which can last up to several days. You may look as if you have a sunburn. Scattered pinpoint bleeding, mild bruising, and temporary marks from the needles are a possibility and should not be a concern.

Post treatment skin will be sensitive. Avoid aggressive cleansing, sun exposure for 14 days and don’t use products other than the ones recommended. You’ll be instructed on how to take care of your skin to avoid problems during healing.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

The process of collagen building takes time. It’s possible to see initial improvements within the first month, but generally you should expect final results about 6 months after your last session. Collagen rebuild is not immediate, so be patient.

How Long Do Results Last?

Expect results to last two to three years. Follow up “maintenance” treatments on a yearly basis will help keep new collagen production at higher levels.

Will I Need More Than One Treatment?

Depending on the level of scarring, laxity or general aging effects, most patients will require several sessions for the best results.

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