Hormone Balance


Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

As men and women age, the levels of some key hormones in the body go down. These include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. This can lead to certain symptoms that impact the quality of life. Some symptoms are very common to women who are near or past the age of menopause.

Common Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

  • Difficulty sleeping at night
  • Lack of energy and fatigue during the day
  • Reduced mental focus, memory and poor concentration
  • Moody, anxious or depressed
  • Weight gain, including increased fat around the midsection
  • Inability to lose weight regardless of healthy diet and exercise
  • Decreased muscle strength
  • Muscle and/or joint pain
  • Reduced sexual desire and performance

At Rejuvenated Medical Spa, we offer bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to replace the hormones that have been lost. As a result, hormone levels will increase and symptoms will improve. Dr. Gentry’s focus is not simply on prescribing, but on combining the appropriate dosage and delivery method to balance a patient’s hormones. Each person is different, and their needs change over time. This is why Rejuvenated creates an individualized program designed for each patient. Bio-identical hormones are specifically compounded to identically match what your body once produced.

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Help You?

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Pellet Therapy


Rejuvenated’s method of pellet therapy has helped so many men and women achieve hormone balance and restore their health. Our BHRT approach to hormone therapy utilizing pellets involves bioidentical hormone pellets that minimize the negative side effects that are commonly associated with synthetic hormones.

When you decide to start the pellet therapy, you’ll receive two to four subcutaneous pellet insertions per year so that you don’t have to think about a daily dose as any needed hormone will be readily available when your body requires it. The BHRT pellets we utilize allow for the consistent levels of the necessary hormone or hormones, which prevents the rollercoaster-like effects that patients can experience from creams and pills.

Feel Healthy & vibrant again with Bioidentical Hormone Pellets.
Using our subcutaneous pellet approach to bioidentical hormone therapy, some patients report feeling symptom relief in as little as seven to 10 days, but complete symptom relief may take up to six months.
Dr. Gentry will customize your dose of pellet therapy to help you on your journey to wellness.

The BHRT pellets that we utilize are made to replace the hormones men and women lose as they age.

Hormone Replacement Pellets Can Balance Your Hormones and Relieve Your Symptoms.


When it comes to the bioidentical pellet therapy vs. synthetic hormones, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is the practical choice. Synthetic hormones are not identically matched to those made by the body, making them less effective and more likely to create adverse side effects than the bioidentical hormone pellets and creams used at Rejuvenated Medical Spa.

Both physiological and clinical data have indicated that progesterone is associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer, compared to the increased risk associated with synthetic progestins. Premarin is made from the urine of pregnant horses and contains many forms of estrogen (some unique to horses), and can induce the formation of proteins that can lead to blood clot and other inflammatory issues. Scientific evidence has shown that BHRT is safer than synthetic and animal-derived hormone replacement and is the preferred method for safer hormone replacement therapy.

Our approach to hormone therapy has fewer and less severe side effects than synthetic hormone therapy. BHRT has helped thousands of people across the United States age healthier and live happier through our groundbreaking approach to hormone therapy, and we’d love the opportunity to do the same for you.

Our BHRT method uses bioidentical hormone pellets which contain bioidentical testosterone, progesterone and/or estrogen. The pellets are placed subcutaneously in the body and release a continuous stream of bioidentical hormones. Hormone replacement pellets dissolve and are absorbed into your body. Dr. Gentry will work with you to customize your dose based on your specific bloodwork and symptoms.


Dr. Gentry recommends supplements based on your individual needs and symptoms but here are a few of the more commonly recommended supplements:


Vitamin D3 + K

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be ingested by foods such as fatty fish, dairy products, and eggs, but is mainly synthesized by the human skin when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D has long been recommended for bone health, but it has also been shown to support immune system function and have cancer fighting activity.



Many of our patients have thyroid function that is within the normal limits of lab results but their thyroid is not functioning as efficiently.
Thyrosol is a supplement that contains key nutrients to help your thyroid gland function more efficiently.


DIM Plus

(aka 3,3’ diindolylmethane), is a compound produced from the digestion of indole-3-carbinol, found in cruciferous vegetables such as Brussel sprouts ,and broccoli. Research has shown DIM to exert control over the growth of cancer cells in breast, uterine, cervical, ovarian, and colon cancer. DIM is also used for PMS (premenstrual syndrome), hormonal acne, enlarged prostate, polycystic ovarian syndrome and several other conditions. Dr. Gentry frequently recommends DIM to help alleviate hormonal acne or symptoms of menopause.


Saw Palmetto

Is commonly recommended for our male patients. Testosterone can be converted into DHT by an enzyme called 5 alpha- reductase.
Saw Palmetto can inhibit this enzyme and therefore stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT to help prevent hair loss or prostate enlargement.

Read in more detail about our supplements on our blog.

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Hormone Balance FAQ’s

What is BHRT?
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is the use of hormones made from plant sources to identically match human hormones.
What hormones are used?

The most commonly used hormones for BHRT are testosterone, a form of estrogen, and progesterone. Testosterone is used in both men and women.

Do I have blood work done before each Treatment?
No, only initially and 4 weeks later to set your dosing and yearly. You may have it done again if there are significant changes.
What are the pellets made from?
They are made from wild yams. Yams have the highest concentration of hormones of any substance. There are no known allergens associated with yams. The pellets are derived from yams and are all natural and bio-identical, meaning they are the exact replication of what the body makes.
How long will the Treatment last?
Every 3-5 months depending on the person. Everyone is different, so it depends on how you feel and what Dr Gentry. determines is right for you. If you are extremely active, under a lot of stress, your treatment may not last as long. Absorption rate is based on cardiac output.
Is the therapy FDA approved?
The ingredients in the pellets are all FDA approved. The distribution of the pellet is FDA regulated.
How is it administered?
The small hormone pellets are slipped painlessly under the skin, typically in the hip. A mild, local anesthetic is used and the procedure takes less than five minutes.
Does it matter if I’m on birth control?
The doctor will determine what your hormone needs are, even if you are on birth control.
Are there any side effects?
Side effects for women and men are rare. In women, transient breast tenderness lasting 7-10 days may occur with the first insertion. There may be some hair growth or acne in moderation from occurrences from testosterone therapy. Men side effects may include decreased sperm count, decreased testicular mass and possible prostate enlargement. These side effects occur much more frequently with the use of synthetic hormone replacement therapy.
What if I’m already on HRT of some sort like creams, patches, pills?
This is an easy transition. The physician will be able to determine your needs even though you may be currently taking these other forms of HRT.
What if I’ve had breast cancer?
Breast cancer survivors and/ or those who have a history of breast cancer in their family may still be a candidate; however, this is to be determined by the physician. You should schedule a consultation with a physician.

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